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Our Team



YHK Design Limited is made up of a group of design and engineering professionals, experienced in product development and design. We will help you to create market-oriented, feasible, and stylish products. Here is a highlight of the main people who make up YHK Design Limited.


reliable product designer

ELTON WANG (Co-Founder)


Elton Wang is the Co-Founder and Chief Designer of YHK Design Limited. He is an innovative Designer (1st Hon in BSc PDT - UK) as well as a knowledgeable Engineer (Merit in Diploma ME - Singapore) in designing and manufacturing all kinds of plastic and metal related products. In addition to his military background in Singapore (LTA), he has the knowledge of using and designing tactical products. Elton has received several international awards and recognition for his work. For instance, the D&AD 3D Product Design Award in the UK, 3rd Prize on Mascot Design of the China Ballad Festival, PTC ASEAN Award, 1st Prize on Singapore Pro/E Design Competition, etc. 

LUKE WANG (Marketing and Business Development)


Luke is our designer and marketing coordinator. He is responsible for the overall marketing and the development of the business.

Luke holds a BA (Hons) in Interior Design from Northumbria University, United Kingdom and a Masters in International Business Management from Newcastle University, United Kingdom. He was awarded a distinction for his Master's degree and the Best Dissertation Award for his Master's Thesis on Marketing.

Luke always updates himself with new technologies and find out what's new and trending in the current market. In addition, he loves traveling! 

Terry (Electronic Designer)


Terry is our electronic designer. He holds an important role in our electronic product development. He had over 10 years of experience in the electronic industry and he is familiar with the electronic production process. 

Ken Wong (Mechanical designer)


Ken is responsible for the mechanical part of the product design. He had over 10 years of experience in doing product mechanical design. He will help to find the best way to develop a product for mass production. 

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