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What we do


We uncover what our customers really care about and what is their needs - to create a distinctive and competitive product design for your brand/company. We believe that no project is too small or difficult and our designers give emphasis on designing products that are ready for manufacture.

Product design

Product designing and development


We offer packaging and product design services with a focus on helping companies to differentiate their products or image from the competitors in the market.


> Product design

> Packaging design

Product prototype

Prototype Building


It is always great to have a feel and touch of your own design. Therefore, we also provide prototype building service


> 3D printing prototype

> CNC prototype building

> Printing service


Manufacture Service (ISO 9001 & GMC certificate)


Finding the right manufacturer or producer for your designer goods is not always easy. It is always great to have your designer to follow up with your designed goods. In order to provide an hassle-free experience for our customers, we offer manufacture service for our customers as well, and our designers will follow up.


> Mass manufacture

> Samples manufacture

2D to 3D Drawing Service


Getting your 2D drawings or pictures to become a 3D drawing might not be easy for you. We offer service to help you in getting your 2D drawings to 3D drawing files. You can then take the file to your 3D printer or to showcase to your customers.

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