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Professional Product Designer

We integrate strategy, innovation and design into every piece of our works

As a Professional Product Design and Manufacture Company,YHK Design, we do not just build designs that look good; we build professional product designs that are ready for manufacture, differentiate our clients from their competitors and drive sustainable growth. With the design thinking process, we integrate strategy, innovation, and design into every piece of our works. We build strong relationships with our clients worldwide. We work with clients to overcome challenges by exploring new creativity and strategy through brand positioning and structural design, to create professional product design that are market-oriented.


Over the years, we have been working with enthusiastic clients who want to build powerful designs to grow their brands. Combining user-understanding with technical know-how, we offer creative innovation, strategic branding, product design and development, prototyping, and large or low volume manufacturing. Our work has delivered excellent commercial success for our clients and has brought us many new and valuable opportunities and clients every year.

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