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Our Work 

There are a number of successful design projects that we had done for our clients. Projects ranged from consumer products to tactical products to interior design concepts and packaging designs. A list of sample projects are listed below:

Portable Pressure Stove- AFOL
(Winner of D&AD Award 2009)

The Portable Pressure Stove is designed for outdoor activities. It is designed to work under harsh condition. The design style is clean and simple, but with class. The design of this unique portable stove is the winner of the D&AD Award 2009 in the UK.

Product design award
VEXI sound amplifier

VEXI sound amplifier is designed for iPhone 4 and 5 series. The design of this amplifier is differentiated from other similar products by adding a lying feature. The VEXI sound amplifier allows the users to position the mobile phone while using with the amplifier. The different angle feature is extremely useful when the users are playing games or watching movies.

VEXI packaging
A great packaging is an important consideration for a product. Therefore, we are also providing packaging design for our clients. We always design a packaging that fits  your product.
BALLPOD (Implementation of serial production)
(Focus Open 2013, Silver award)

Ballpod is the latest trendy stand for camera. It is designed to grip and stand on all kind of surfaces. We helped ballpod with the implementation of design, and feasible for production. The ballpod is the Silver award winner for Focus Open 2013, an International Design Award.

ASP Tri Fold Restraint (Structural modification)


ASP Tri Fold Restraint is designed to meet the standard of the law enforcement. Therefore, the strength of this plastic restraint is unbelievably strong and easier for assembly. It is probably the strongest plastic tie in the world.



ASP Link Cases


ASP Link Case is designed to store the batteries of ASP flashlight. It is designed with a railing to link different case sizes together as one. The design of the link case is known as one of the most complicated mold design not only for battery case but for most of the plastic products.



Dance City, Newcastle

(Concept design)


Dance city is located in Newcastle, United Kingdom. It is a vibrant dance centre for all passion dancers to meet and train. Our designer's work was shortlisted by the Dance City management team and exhibited at Dance city in 2012. 

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